Get the experience of taking your test in a realistic setting.

Our Practice Tests:

  • Help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Familiarize yourself with the demands of the test.
  • Get used to the timing of the test.
  • Get comfortable with the testing environment.
  • Include personalized feedback from an IELTS Expert

At a Glance:


Saturdays once a month from 9:15am  to 12:30pm plus a speaking interview


Yaletown Campus at 888 Cambie Street in Vancouver


Personalized Feedback on your writing and speaking


March 9 | April 13 | May 4 | June 22


$100 per test with personalized feedback.

How your test day works:

  • Arrive and receive tips on being prepared for the registration process.
  • Take your writing, listening and reading tests.
  • Review your listening and reading tests.
  • Take a one to one speaking test and record it using your phone.
  • Receive written feedback on your writing.
  • Your IELTS expert will explain your strengths and weaknesses (you can record this)
  • Ask questions about your written feedback.

Experience a realistic practice test with feedback.

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