Phrasal Verbs: Gear Back Up


  • Jenny is gearing back up for school.
  • She has taken out her school supplies. She has started going to bed earlier and she has started reading her text books.


To gear back up means to start getting ready for something you stopped doing for a while. You did it before, then you stopped doing it for at least a few months or years and now you are preparing to do it again.

How to Use It:

  • I am gearing back up + an infinitive phrase or for plus a noun or for plus a gerund

E.g. I am gearing back up to go to school or for school or for going to school)


  • I +  present perfect

E.g. I have bought new pens. I havecharged my transit pass. I have started studying.


You Try:

Think about what you would have to do to gear back up for doing these things. Remember the situation is that you used to do it, then you stopped, now you are preparing to do it.

I am gearing back up to:

  1. Play soccer (what preparations are you making)
  2. Return to your old job
  3. Ride a motorcycle