#ilovegvv: Global Village Vancouver Grad Finds Paradise

With nearly 30 years in operation, Global Village Vancouver (GVV) has had the good fortune of teaching international students from hundreds of cities from around the world. Recently, we decided to reach out to our grads, and the feedback has been outstanding. Students who attended classes here from more than 20 years ago have kindly responded with their warm wishes for the holiday season, their fond memories from their time at GVV, and favourite moments with their classmates and teachers. Hearing from our grads and discovering where they are now is truly a gift.

GVV students have gone on to post-secondary institutions in Canada and the USA, traveled around the world to visit their new GVV friends, found new careers using their English education and abilities, immigrated to English-speaking countries, and even become English language instructors in their home cities. Some, like Claudia, have used their English skills to find a job in a place that many people only dream of visiting. This is what Claudia had to say about her time at GVV and what’s she’s doing in life now:


As requested, I’d like to talk about my GV experience! It was one of the best achievements of my life and I made a lot of good memories thanks to you.

I came from France to GV Vancouver for 6 months in 2015 from March to August with my boyfriend Kevin.

At this moment of my life, I didn’t know anything else except my hometown in France, had finished college and didn’t know what to do with my life.

6 months with you helped me to speak fluently and having a conversation. I am not bilingual but my level is enough for travelling, working, talking. I just loved each teacher I had each month. I was bittersweet to change but then, loved the new one. Special remember for Louisa and Lisa who helped me the most in my progression, I think.

Classes had never been annoying, always innovating. A lot of teachers should take example from your methods. Really, I loved learning with you.

Beyond learning English, meeting new people from different countries was amazing. I’ve made friends from all around the world and the quality time we spent together in Vancity was pure bliss. The fact that we were a small group of students in your classes helped to create strings easily.

Today, it’s been almost 4 years I moved from France to St. Bart’s, a small island in the Caribbean with my boyfriend (still the same Kevin yes!). It is a small beautiful French island. It is summer all the year; I don’t know what cold is anymore! It can sound like paradise but sometimes it’s not. I experienced my first big hurricane last year: Irma. Really terrific.

Today I work at Budget car rental at the airport. 90% of my clients are English speakers. I need to use English every day. I can’t practice my writing as much as my speaking because I don’t need it (sorry for my mistakes, I apologize!).

VANCOUVER was my first big travel… and each time I have holidays I go to a different place: Costa Rica, Mauritius, Bahamas, Las Vegas, Lisboan, Miami, and London. My to-go list is big.

Speaking English helps a lot when you travel; it is the universal language.

In this January, one of the best friends I met at GV is coming with her husband to visit us from Switzerland! It’s gonna be my first friend reunion since I’ve finished GV.

My goal? Travel more and more. Going to Japan and Korea for a big reunion with friends we made from there. One day, for sure.

Thank you for reading.

Don’t change anything GV – you are the best!!

Thank you for everything.


Claudia is one of the many grads who have been in touch with GVV to share their memories. In the future, we’ll be publishing more experiences from our students, so keep checking our blog posts.

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