IELTS Exam Preparation Vancouver

As the most popular and widely-accepted English-language test in Canada, the IELTS test is a step in your life that requires considerable preparation. IELTS can be used for permanent residency, citizenship, and university and college entrance requirements. In some cases, candidates also apply it directly towards a new job or a promotion within their company. Either way, many candidates find themselves preparing for IELTS against a deadline. Some candidates may have a few months to improve their English-language skills while others may only have a few days; some students may be natural language learners while others may struggle to understand the use of complex sentences and collocations; some students may perform normally in a test while others may feel very nervous during the exam. No matter what type of candidate you are, some IELTS exam preparation in Vancouver is no easy task. Let us offer you the following suggestions succeed:

IELTS Masterclass

This overview of the IELTS test provides a breakdown of scoring, test skills, as well as tips for each section. The masterclass is available online or you can take the IELTS masterclass in Vancouver at Global Village Vancouver for free.

Sample Test

You can find these online or you can take a practice test in person on the same day as the real test. This gives you an experience as close to the real test as possible and also provides you with feedback on the same day. Register here for an in-person IELTS practice test in Vancouver at Global Village Vancouver.

Free IELTS Materials

Check your local library for IELTS textbooks. YouTube also has multiple reliable teachers who’ve posted free tutorials on each skill on the IELTS test. Visit our channel here for IELTS writing tips and IELTS speaking tips. We’re here to help.

IELTS Exam Preparation Class in Vancouver

As the largest testing centre in Western Canada, Global Village Vancouver is able to employ highly-qualified and very experienced instructors who genuinely care for their students. Our IELTS instructors have been working in the industry for ten years or more and specialize in two areas: identifying areas for students to improve and creating lesson plans to specifically meet our clients’ needs. While other institutions are capable of preparing students to achieve a band score of 5, we specialize in IELTS preparation for students who need band scores of 7 and higher.

Make a Plan

A common mistake is candidates do not start preparing for the IELTS test early enough which results in a lower band score. Their money is wasted and they are forced to re-sit the IELTS exam. It’s difficult to assess your own language ability which is why IELTS practice tests and IELTS mock exams are so useful. You will most likely need training in one skill or possibly all four skills, so it’s best to assess your current level and band score as early as possible. Your goal should be to have more than enough time to prepare; in fact, candidates are often surprised at just how long IELTS preparation can take.

For example, to improve from a band score of 6 to a band score of 7 requires 8-12 weeks of full-time preparation. A band score of 6 will include a number of grammar errors and only some complex sentences whereas a band score of 7 will have very few grammar errors and employ a variety of complex sentences. Improving one’s understanding and use of English grammar from making frequent errors to very few errors will not happen with a cram class or a short online tutorial. The fact is it takes time.

Most schools have advisors, so as you prepare for this important step in your life, it’s recommended that you sit down with an expert months before you take your IELTS test. This will save you time and money, and keep you on the path to success in your life. For more information on IELTS exam preparation classes, visit our page: We’re here to help.