How To Have Happy, Fulfilled Students.

Most teachers have experienced working very hard to plan a lesson only to have it fall flat. This is rarely a problem of a lack of effort or inaccurate content. In my experience, unsuccessful lessons and unhappy students are usually a result of poor classroom management. Three simple rules need to be followed in order to make sure well planned lessons don’t flop and our student leave the classroom happy and fulfilled. First, teachers need to be mindful of pace. More than speed, pace is dictated by variety.

Developing lessons that have a good pace means creating lessons that involve a variety of interaction patterns, activity types as well as feedback and correction techniques. Second, teachers need to control teacher talking time. This issue need not be overstated as it is equally true that an experienced teacher can use their speech as part of language input and modeling in the classroom. However, unnecessary teacher talk can cause confusion in learners, takes away from learner practice time and have a negative impact of pace. In general, it always better to show than tell. Finally, a teacher must realize that a positive rapport is a professional responsibility and should be developed daily.

Teachers should consider the variety of learners preferences in the classroom, use names and take time to create an upbeat, open and positive atmosphere. Sharing with our learners also helps build a sense of trust between a teacher and student.