Craft Beer in Vancouver: Part Two

If you made it through Part One in this series and you’re still thirsty for more, we can help. Here is Craft Beer in Vancouver: Part Two. Stayed tuned as we will continue to add to this series as the industry continues to expand. Here are some more establishments worth visiting based on the recommendations of our teachers and staff.


Powell Brewery

Operated by a husband and wife team, this brewery began as a nano-brewery in 2012 in East Vancouver with an objective of serving locals. However, it received national attention when its Old Jalopy Pale Ale won “Beer of the Year” from the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2013 and the demand for their product skyrocketed. Since then they’ve moved a few blocks west to a proper microbrewery space where they continue to develop quality craft beer.

Strathcona Brewing Company

Founded by a group of friends with ties to the Strathcona neighbourhood, this brewery offers classic beer with a modern twist. As Tim Knight, the company’s president, notes, “We know that the brewery and tasting room will become a gathering place for local residents and fill a void for what has been missing in the area.”


For those of you who have not met Dave, please note that he is passionate about food, to say the least. If you ever ask Dave a food-related question, you’ll undoubtedly get a long and detailed response. For this blog, we asked him to limit his response to one neighbourhood in Vancouver. Below, you’ll see his picks for the Main Street area.

Faculty Brewing

Started by a husband-wife team, Faculty was born out of the high demand for craft beer in the Vancouver area. This brewery’s objective is to offer brewing services to new and experienced beer makers. What does that mean to you, the customer? Rotating taps, a variety of flavours, and one-of-a-kind creations. Check it out!

R&B Brewing

While many breweries in this list are less than 10 years old (some less than 5 years old) R&B Brewing is one of the few long-standing companies in this industry. Since 1997, yes 1997, R&B has been churning out high-quality, affordable craft beer, and, more recently, delicious pizza. Open 11 to 11 every day of the week, this is a must-visit brewery for any thirsty and hungry visitors.

Main Street Brewing Company

Occupying one of the oldest buildings in Vancouver (dating back to the early 1900s), Main Street Brewing is not the first tenant to pump out craft beer in this location. Decades ago, a beer maker called Goliath set up shop as one of the city’s first breweries. But that was then and this is now. Main Street loyally produces its core lineup of pilsner, IPA, and pale ale, while experimenting with new flavours and one-off casks too. As they say on their website, “Pop in for a beer – stay for two.”


Alibi Room

Full disclosure, this is not technically a craft beer maker, but arguably the best taproom in Vancouver. Described as a “Modern Tavern” the Alibi Room features local craft beer as well as guest taps from around the province, country, and even the USA. The underrated menu boasts a variety of locally-sourced meats, fish, and dishes. The is an very popular spot for locals and a truly West Coast experience for beer lovers.

By Bryan Candy