Craft Beer in Vancouver: Part One

Canadians love beer, and with the craft beer industry expanding across the country, we’re pretty excited. Less than ten years ago there were only a handful of beer providers in Vancouver along with a few select breweries scattered throughout the province. Now there are over 120 breweries across British Columbia. A quick Google search in Vancouver alone can leave a tourist wondering where to begin. And while speculation over market saturation has been rumoured since the boom first began in 2012, it seems that local customers are still thirsty for more as new breweries continue to open each year. This is in no way a definitive guide, rather a starting place for those visitors who are interested in sampling some of these memorable beverages. Even though every establishment has its own unique flavours to offer, here is some craft beer in Vancouver that is worth checking out, as recommended by our very knowledgeable staff.


Electric Bicycle

Unique beers on rotating taps, and gourmet grilled-cheese sandwiches can be found at this new brewery in the Mt. Pleasant area. In a word, Electric Bicycle is eclectic.

Brewers Row

What began as two breweries in an industrial area of quaint Port Moody, has mushroomed into four very popular establishments cranking out a wide variety of ales and lagers and drawing in clients from around the Lower Mainland. Accessible by bus and Skytrain and all on one street, Moody Ales, The Parkside Brewery, Yellow Dog Brewing, and Twin Sails Brewing, are absolutely worth sampling.

33 Acres

Main Street is a craft beer hot spot in Vancouver and 33 Acres is a hit with locals. Currently there are two locations side by side producing well-known flavours as well as one-of-a-kind beers for their thirsty customers. Great food too!



This brewery stands out as one of the few craft-beer makers to only offer their products in house. That’s right – don’t bother looking for this product in the liquor stores because it’s only on tap at their downtown location. Revered by Vancourites for its quality, atmosphere, and overall service, Brassneck is top watering hole.



Head into North Vancouver to what was once Vancouver’s only nano-brewery. Think micro-brewery and then think even smaller than a micro-brewery. But Bridge has expanded in just a few years. What began in 2012 as the little brother in the craft-beer community has grown into one of the major players. Two fun facts: Bridge Brewing is 99% waste free and their IPA is out of this world!

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