Application Form Instructions

You must submit the following application form and provide a copy of official photo ID, such as Passport or Driver’s License. You will need to provide your official photo ID to the Registrar by the first day of class.

This application form consists of two parts, Application Form and Application Task.

Application Form

Upload Resume

Please give the name, telephone number of email address, of two references, and state theirrelationship to you:

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In approximately 150-200 words, tell us why you are interested in taking the CELTA program at this time.

Application Task

Please read before proceeding!

Please read the attached article “Outdoor Activities” taken from “The Vancouver Book” (2001/2002) and answer the following questions.

Application Task Article

Please refer to a grammar reference book, or any other sources, such as a dictionary, to help you. Grammar references by Azar, Swan, Alexander, (etc.) might be helpful.
Please keep a copy of this task. If interviewed, you may be asked to discuss it.

Find the following words, in the article and say what part of speech (noun, preposition, etc) or what tense each one is:

There are at least 8 errors of spelling and grammar in this piece of student writing.

Last week, I goed to Grouse Mountain. The wether was cold. I played snowboarding with much friend’s. I was falling down a lot, and I broke my leg. Ambulance took me to the hosspital. The doctor said me must you to stay in bed. I wish I didn’t go to Grouse Mountain now.

Look at the following words taken from the text, and indicate the number of syllables, and the main stress in each of them.

What characterizes an effective language lesson for you?

Refer to any experiences as a language learner you have had, or to any language teaching you have done.