Get the score that you need. At Global Village, we offer CELPIP preparation classes in Vancouver using official CELPIP materials. Our highly-rated instructors are certified as CELPIP trainers and will provide personalized feedback to help you succeed. Apply Now or read on for preparation options.

CELPIP Part-Time Courses

  • Are taught by CELPIP experts.
  • Allow you to become familiar with the campus where you can take your test.
  • Include a free practice test.
  • Include exercise materials.
  • Each week includes 9 hours of in-class tuition.
  • Have a maximum of 15 students.

CELPIP Private Lessons

  • Choose the skill(s) you want.
  • Tell us your schedule.
  • Tell us which scores you need.
  • We provide a certified CELPIP instructor.
  • Meet one on one at 888 Cambie Street
  • $70 per hour (no tax or additional fees)


  • The format of the test.
  • Tips on how to manage your time.
  • Tips on how to maximize your score.
  • The opportunity to ask a CELPIP expert your questions.
  • The opportunity to make a free appointment with one of our academic advisors.
  • Advice on how to further your study for CELPIP


  • Targets listening and speaking
  • Includes video, quizzes and sample responses
  • Includes a complete listening practice test
  • Includes downloadable PDF notes
  • Accessible on tablets and cell phones


Getting the CELPIP score you need for immigration or citizenship in Canada can be challenging. With so many different types of tasks on the CELPIP test, understanding what is expected of you is a great way to ensure you get your best possible score. Our programs are designed to target the areas you need to focus on. Click here for testing dates.


Sign up for the skill areas that you need to work on.

All of our CELPIP preparation classes in Vancouver are taught by experienced and highly-rated instructors. They understand the demands of the test. Quality instruction saves time and money by helping you work on your weaknesses and improve your ability. Our committed teachers will help you move towards your goals faster.They will help you succeed!

Your time is important. You may have other commitments in your life.We can create solutions so you can make the most ofthe time you have available to work on improving your test taking skills.

Most of our classes have 8 or fewer students. We can also offer private or semi-private classes and accommodate students with special requirements.

Our CELPIP preparation classes in Vancouver are affordable options with no registration fees or additional costs to you.

GV Vancouver has been testing English for over 20 years. Your test can be taken in the same location as your classes. Feeling familiar and comfortable in the environment in which you are taking your test can help you to relax so that you can do your best on the big day!

Our beautiful Yaletown campus is easily accessible from Roundhouse Community Centre Canada Line and Stadium Skytrain, or take private classes online from your own home.


Right now we offer accelerated evening classes for CELPIP, but we do not offer full-time classes during the day.

Our classes are usually between five and 10 students.

Most students range from CELPIP band 6 to CELPIP band 8.

All of our CELPIP classes cover one skill per week. Therefore, it takes four weeks to cover all four skills.

Yes, all of our preparation materials come directly from Paragon and CELPIP. Our instructors are also certified CELPIP instructors.

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