Brazilian Student Testimonials

We had the good fortune recently to sit down with two students in our Mature Program. Both are from Brazil and were kind enough to share their thoughts on living in Vancouver and studying at Global Village Vancouver. Here are two Brazilian student testimonials:


Christiane, tell us about your time in Vancouver?

C:  I enjoyed Vancouver a lot!  It’s a fantastic city and I really love it.  There is nature and so many things to do.


Why did you choose GV Vancouver?

C:  Because it is a premium school, and I heard a lot good things about Global Village Vancouver…about the teachers and the friendly people…and Vancouver – the weather, the nature,it really is unbelievable to be here.


What has been one of the most fun things you have done?

C:  English Bay is one of the best sunsets I have ever seen…and to go to the mountains.  Stanley Park and the Aquarium (located in Stanley Park) is also a good place to go.  I have done many things!


Would you recommend Global Village to your friends back home?

C:  Yes, because now I can really accept some challenges that I never faced before.  Because I’ve improved my English a lot and because here we have a lot of friendly people, I am so comfortable to be here.  You (the school and the teachers) can support us…and I really love being here, really.


We heard that you might be coming back and that you might be bringing your children?

C:  Yes!  Next year you can see me again!!


That is great!




Fredi, how long have you been studying here so far?

F:  I will be here in Vancouver for 6 months (the total time he will be here).


When did you come here?

F:  I came in October.


What was your job in Brazil?

F:  I worked in IT.


This is your second time in Vancouver?

F:  Yes, I came here the first time, nine years ago.


What do you enjoy about this school?

F:  I like the school because the students are friendly and the place (school and city) are very good!


Who is your teacher this month?

F:  My teacher is Jennifer (Jennifer Wong –Hodges)


She’s ‘okay’?

F:  Yes!  She’s a very good teacher!



And you’re in level 3 right now?



Last month, who was your teacher?

F:  Pauline.  (She was) very good too!


What are your plans for the future?

F:  In two months my wife and daughter will come to Vancouver.  We will go travelling, maybe to Whistler or Montreal, I don’t know yet.


That is great.  Thank you so much Fredi!

F:  Thank you!

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