manners and etiquette

Manners and Etiquette in Canada

September 26, 2019   |   Exam Preparation Gvv   |   blog

Canadians are well known for being polite. In fact, that’s the stereotype most often applied to your average citizen of this nation. And don’t...

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japanese restaurants

Japanese Restaurants in Vancouver

September 23, 2019   |   Exam Preparation Gvv   |   blog

As one of the most international cities in the world, Vancouver offers a variety of restaurants, cafes and establishments worth visiting. And with a...

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Group photo for idioms

Common English Idioms and How to Use Them

September 17, 2019   |   Exam Preparation Gvv   |   blog

Does the phrase ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’ sound familiar? Don’t worry; it doesn’t mean that cats and dogs are falling from the sky....

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Vancouver Art Gallery

10 Popular Instagram Locations in Vancouver

September 4, 2019   |   Exam Preparation Gvv   |   blog

Grab your camera. Here are ten of the most popular Instagram locations in Vancouver. Alley Oop (Pink Alley) Made famous by the K Pop...

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Rice Lake

Fun Things to do in Vancouver

August 27, 2019   |   Exam Preparation Gvv   |   blog

Everyone who visits Vancouver knows about Stanley Park, the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain. How about some lesser-known places to visit and things...

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