10 Restaurants in Vancouver: Big Dave Recommends

August 15, 2019   |   soni webryze   |   blog

Looking for 10 restaurants to visit in Vancouver? We can help. Along with providing an exceptional classroom experience, and excellent IELTS preparation, many of...

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IELTS speaking test

IELTS Speaking Test Frequently Asked Questions

August 12, 2019   |   soni webryze   |   blog

Here are answers to some IELTS Speaking Test frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your exam. How Long Does the Speaking Test...

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Teach ESL

How to Become an ESL Teacher in Vancouver

August 9, 2019   |   soni webryze   |   blog

As one of the most international cities in the world with an array of teaching positions throughout the region, let’s take a look at...

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Tips for the CELPIP Test

July 19, 2019   |   soni webryze   |   blog

“Do I really need to do any preparation for the CELPIP exam or can I just show up and write the test? Are there...

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Self Study: IELTS

July 11, 2019   |   soni webryze   |   blog

Preparing for a test like IELTS, CELPIP, TOEFL, OET, or even the Cambridge Exams, is a challenging and often frustrating experience for so many...

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