claudia abinante

#ilovegvv: Global Village Vancouver Grad Finds Paradise

December 29, 2018   |   admin   |   blog

With nearly 30 years in operation, Global Village Vancouver (GVV) has had the good fortune of teaching international students from hundreds of cities from...

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IELTS Interactive Listening Lesssons

Listening Lessons that Matter

December 14, 2018   |   admin   |   blog

Over the years, EFL teachers have often neglected teaching listening as they felt it was a skill that could only be acquired; not taught. ...

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Getting English Scores

Gearing Back Up for Getting English Scores

August 30, 2018   |   admin   |   blog

As summer fades, thoughts turn to preparing for university and getting the English scores you need.  Whether it is CAEL, IELTS or TOEFL you...

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Phrasal Verbs: Gear Back Up

Phrasal Verbs: Gear Back Up

August 10, 2018   |   admin   |   blog

Example: Jenny is gearing back up for school. She has taken out her school supplies. She has started going to bed earlier and she...

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happy, fulfilled students

How To Have Happy, Fulfilled Students.

July 20, 2018   |   admin   |   blog

Most teachers have experienced working very hard to plan a lesson only to have it fall flat. This is rarely a problem of a...

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